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Sunday, July 31, 2011

.Every man or woman needs a "mancave".

Hello's just me again "bouncing" around.  I am back in our family room this time focusing on an area that is considered my husband's "man cave"  sort of... Actually, it is a fun area that we all have enjoyed decorating and adding our ideas.  My husband has voiced his concern that he worries I may try to feminize this space.  What???
When we moved into our home we knew the direction we wanted to go with a corner of our family room.  We both wanted our home to be comfortable and welcoming to friends and family, a place everyone would enjoy.  With entertaining in mind we designed our "sports" bar.  It started out very sparse.  I was worried that it would become too busy and take away from the rest of the room.  Here is our sports bar before...  It looks different now.
Minimally Decorated
I refer to this space as a sports bar, an amusing collection of eclectic pieces of memorabilia, old and new.  Most mean something to our family, but there are a few, purely for conversation, that are not meant to be taken literally, ha ha!

Some items are quirky, even kinda goofy, but hopefully they make you laugh.  I tried to photograph the space as a whole to show the full look, but also zoomed in to give you a sampling of the variety we have. 

I had fun showing this to you.  See you soon. heather

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