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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More dining room projects.

I have come to realize that my home is a "sort of" museum.  Not because things are so old, but because I have many rooms with different decorating styles or themes.  Though, I always admire simplicity.
A longtime favorite of mine is Pottery Barn.  PB represents simplicity well.  I like everything PB has to offer, but tend to try and reproduce their traditional style while adding a little more flair.  Color.Color.Color.  I am stuck on it.  The projects I am sharing with you today are easy ways to introduce more color, pattern, and texture in any room. 

I have found a few blogs that I enjoy following.  They seem to come up with the best decorating ideas and I love to try them all!  Here is an idea that I picked up from  

Dining Room
These circles are made from wooden embroidery hoops.  Joann Fabrics is where I found mine.  I think I bought the store out.  I purchased so many.
I left my hoops the "natural" wood color, but you could definitely spray them to match your decor; nickel, black, brown, gold, etc.  Choosing fabric is the fun part.  I was able to use lots of remnants that I had from previous projects.  This project is very easy and does not require much time. 
I ironed my fabric and placed inside the interior and exterior hoops.  The exterior hoop will require tightening from the metal clasp once interior hoop and fabric is in place.  Pull tightly and trim off excess fabric as close to the hoop as possible.  Mine did not require any additional finishing as I got a very close and clean cut.  I found it is the easiest to hang the hoops by the metal fastener.  Plan your fabric accordingly so that your pattern corresponds, placing the metal piece at the top of hoop.  One little nail is all it took to hang each. 

My now dining room was a living room to the prior homeowners.  The problem this imposes is that it is not wired for an over-the-table light fixture.  I know it could be done, but I am not wanting the mess involved.  So, I have chosen to light the dining room with lamps, floor lights, and sconces.  Even so, I still felt that it needed something over the table.  I chose to decorate a large wreath and suspend it from the ceiling, in a very non-traditional way.

I purchased a wreath (about 28") from Michaels.  Also, I picked up a variety of eucalyptus, silk flowers, greens, straw flowers, and peacock feathers.  My color scheme was that of brown, bronze, copper, deep orange, ivory, and dark teal.  I chose to wire all the flowers, etc. on, but you could also use a glue gun.  Whichever you choose, remember that there is no back/bottom that will be hidden on this wreath.  The bottom will be directly visible when you look up from the table.  I suspended the wreath from the ceiling with dark brown ribbon and a plant hook.
Thank you for reading.   Please feel free to ask questions, or leave comments in the comment box at the bottom of my page.  I will be happy to reply.  

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