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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

right now.

right now i am... 

watching:  quints by surprise, sometimes.  have to admit, i am not a big tv or movie watcher.  quints by surprise is interesting.  i respect the family dynamic that casey and ethan jones (mom and dad) try to establish, considering.  a day in their life is sometimes reassuring and humorous too.   this show holds no comparison to j and k plus eight, thankfully.  i like casey's style.  you would never believe she is the mother of six children.  cute. cute. cute.

eating:  too many sweets.

drinking:  not enough water.  too much coffee.

wearing:  layers.  our weather has been so mild here that i am almost too warm in stores with my down jacket on.  home- always covered up in my throw. fireplace on.  still chilly.

avoiding:  exercise.  january 1 will be here soon.  i don't really believe in new year's resolutions, but i do have a must keep goal this year.

feeling:  content.  very grateful.  worn-out by the end of the day = early bedtime.
missing:  ali girl

thankful:  always for my family.  re-kindled friendship.

weather:  no snow and ice yet.  yes, thankful.  safer travels for all.

praying:  jeremy and hannah plus...
thinking:  a lot about a new endeavor. sort of.  more details to come...

loving:  skinny, vanilla lattes.  husband taking care of lila (puppy) mornings when he is home, and starting coffee.  sometimes it's the simple things.  isn't it?
spirit-filled (lots of energy) school program, choir concert, etc.
christmas cards.

listening:  new cd. advent. by jeremy erickson.  can be heard. purchased. and shared above.

decorating:  not today.  reminiscing.  heather

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Holiday Favorites...

Advent: the coming of the king
by: jeremy erickson (you can play Jeremy's songs up above)

Here is the link to Advent. The music is beautiful. After reading Jeremy's story you will see how beautiful he is also. 

"I sing. I speak. I write. I survive."  Jeremy. 

Jeremy, his wife, Jenny, and their three boys are in my heart.

*~Christmas is soon here... Please enjoy this Holiday tour of a few of our family favorites~*

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We all have to eat.

In my last post I showed you our wood wall in the kitchen. 
We still LOVE it.  Did I mention how good it smells? {Maybe I am crazy???, but I like the smell of stain and poly}

Something I saved mentioning until this week is our 6' x 24" kitchen table my husband recently built.  In prep for the wood wall we removed our table and chairs.  It was so open with them gone.  I didn't want to put them back. 

Our dining room is where we eat the majority of our meals, but I like having a place in the kitchen for homework, a quick bowl of cereal, kid crafts, etc.

We decided to re-use our four chairs and build a more narrow table for the kitchen.  About $40 in materials, and husband's time equals a new table for our family.  At 6' long, only three chairs fit underneath.  The fourth, sits at the side, and frequently collects my purse.  We have four children, but they never all sit there at one time, anyway. 

I like having the kids in the kitchen doing homework while I make supper.  It gives meaning to the old saying "killing two birds with one stone".  Moms and dads need to be good at multi-tasking.

Here is our simple, eat-in kitchen before the new table and wood wall.   
Design has to be functional and practical.  This works for us. 

I could show you several eat-in kitchens I adore, but truth is... most I cannot afford.  Here are a couple that caught my eye.
I like the softness that the pillows add.  This wouldn't work the best for my "crew" though.
Beautiful and Practical~ 

It's about time for me to start decorating for the Holidays, isn't it?  We have no snow.  It almost seems surreal.  Thank you for checking in with me today ~ Heather