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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

right now.

right now i am... 

watching:  quints by surprise, sometimes.  have to admit, i am not a big tv or movie watcher.  quints by surprise is interesting.  i respect the family dynamic that casey and ethan jones (mom and dad) try to establish, considering.  a day in their life is sometimes reassuring and humorous too.   this show holds no comparison to j and k plus eight, thankfully.  i like casey's style.  you would never believe she is the mother of six children.  cute. cute. cute.

eating:  too many sweets.

drinking:  not enough water.  too much coffee.

wearing:  layers.  our weather has been so mild here that i am almost too warm in stores with my down jacket on.  home- always covered up in my throw. fireplace on.  still chilly.

avoiding:  exercise.  january 1 will be here soon.  i don't really believe in new year's resolutions, but i do have a must keep goal this year.

feeling:  content.  very grateful.  worn-out by the end of the day = early bedtime.
missing:  ali girl

thankful:  always for my family.  re-kindled friendship.

weather:  no snow and ice yet.  yes, thankful.  safer travels for all.

praying:  jeremy and hannah plus...
thinking:  a lot about a new endeavor. sort of.  more details to come...

loving:  skinny, vanilla lattes.  husband taking care of lila (puppy) mornings when he is home, and starting coffee.  sometimes it's the simple things.  isn't it?
spirit-filled (lots of energy) school program, choir concert, etc.
christmas cards.

listening:  new cd. advent. by jeremy erickson.  can be heard. purchased. and shared above.

decorating:  not today.  reminiscing.  heather

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  1. It is so neat to get to know you better. Your personality (and decorating sense) is inspiring. I wish I could know you better. Thanks for being REAL. Merry Christmas!


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