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Friday, September 16, 2011

Our work in progress. To be continued...

Well, I thought it may be time for a brief, bathroom update. 
We are "nose deep" in our bathroom remodel.
Do you ever wonder where certain ~figures of speech~ come from?  This one sounds a bit dramatic, but feels really accurate right now.  It has been only one week, and I am already tired (a little bit) of washing face and hands/brushing teeth over the bathtub.  

Last Saturday was our first work day.  We removed everything that will not be a permanent fixture in the new bathroom.  The vanity, sink, and pink counter top are on the berm.  My husband had hoped to re-use the vanity in our garage, but it had been built in place, piece by piece.  It came out in many sections.  We My husband installed the new floor.  I am a much better designer than carpenter, but I try to help wherever I can.  The majority of the Bead Board is hung, upper walls have been painted, and the plumbing for the new sink has been changed out.  It has gone really well.

Here is one of my first pictures.  This was taken immediately after demo.
It's hard to believe what was hiding behind there; lots of adhesive, caulking, and various shades of paint. 

Our work in progress.  To be continued...

Thank you for all your comments and ideas.  You have given me such great inspiration!

I encourage any questions or feedback to be left in the comment section right below this post. Comments, suggestions, and feedback are greatly appreciated, and so fun to get too! Thanks for taking the time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

.bathroom remodel.

A big project is underway (almost) at our house.  We have finally started on our upstairs bathroom remodel.  Still in the design, planning, and ordering stage, we are getting excited to put it all together.

It is fun and overwhelming all at the same time.  Once we start the demo we have to keep going until the remodel is done.  I am posting our "before" bathroom pictures.  As well as ~my design board~ for our new bathroom.  I need your creative minds to help me with a couple things.
We moved into our home one year ago, and have always planned on making changes to this bathroom. 
Right after moving in, I did my best to work with what was already there.  We painted, changed out the mirror, faucet, and lighting.  We did enough to like it, and get by, but not enough to love it.  The pink counter top, and its awkward size made this challenging.

Our plan is to re-use our mirror, lighting, tub/surround, and cabinet over the toilet.  My husband is going to build a top for the old vanity and use it in our garage for storage.

One of the biggest investments would have been a new bathtub and shower.  I prefer a tiled shower over a surround, but keeping what we have kept us on budget.  Our shower and surround are in good shape.  We replaced the caulking, and it looks like new.

The flooring will be replaced.  Bead board Wainscot, baseboard/trim, a vessel sink/base, and a new faucet will be added. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

.one of my favorite things.

One of my favorite things to do on Friday mornings is go garage sale shopping.  It has become an enjoyable summer pastime for me.  Many great items have been found "treasure hunting".  It is amazing what you can find!  Seems crazy, but there are literally garage sales everywhere you turn in Grand Forks.  I get overwhelmed too excited!

A few of my recent finds ~
They have fit into my home nicely. 
                                                                                                                                            I purchased both birdcages for $4.  I have big plans for them.  They will make great lights.  The bird cage I purchased prior at an antique store was a bit more expensive.  Here is a picture of my light.  Click on my archived post, .this lil' light of mine. July 10, 2011 to view the process.
The white mirror, plate rack, canning jar, and vase (not sure what it to call it?) found a home in my kitchen.

.I painted and distressed these shelves, found in our garage.  A cream votive candle was just the touch this little jar needed.  The white frame and cream Fiestaware found a new spot.

.There I go with branches again.  I tried using some of my brighter colored dishes, but really liked this combination of cream, white, and silver.

I stole the goblets/candle holders from my dining room.  They are silver.  However, they almost look gold in this picture.  Sorry guys, I am not a photographer.

I have been purchasing jars and old milk bottles at garage sales and thrift stores for this next project.  It has been my mission to find different sizes and shapes.  I purchased a flat-bottomed light bulb at Hobby Lobby that I thought was interesting.  Here is my accumulated collection of jars, etc.
I convinced my husband to let me use an old silverware drawer he had in our garage.  I will show you how I incorporated it shortly.
Pour about 1/4 cup of Elmer's School Glue into two containers.  To the bowl on the left, I added 1 drop of blue food coloring.  I mixed in 1 drop of blue, and 1 drop of green to the bowl of glue on the right.  Mix well and add in a few drops of water until your consistency is thinner, but still workable.  

Paint on the mixture.  You won't believe how forgiving this process is.  It will look patchy and uneven until it dries.  Here is my first coat of the process.
          I painted, let dry, and repeated this step a couple of times until I was happy with the look of them.  My finished product~ 

 I added this glass knob from Hobby Lobby.
A friend of mine suggested planting grass seed in the bottom of jars, fish bowls, etc.  I think that is a terrific idea and this would be the perfect opportunity to try it!  Thank you, Elly for sharing that with me.

The old, Turquoise Ball jars are so popular now.  This project is a neat way to achieve a similar look on a budget.  The original jars can be much more costly.  I purchased the one I have for $6, and it is pretty small.  Here is a Ball jar displayed on my shelf.
Hopefully, this week of treasure shopping will be as successful!  I will keep you posted...  Heather