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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

.bathroom remodel.

A big project is underway (almost) at our house.  We have finally started on our upstairs bathroom remodel.  Still in the design, planning, and ordering stage, we are getting excited to put it all together.

It is fun and overwhelming all at the same time.  Once we start the demo we have to keep going until the remodel is done.  I am posting our "before" bathroom pictures.  As well as ~my design board~ for our new bathroom.  I need your creative minds to help me with a couple things.
We moved into our home one year ago, and have always planned on making changes to this bathroom. 
Right after moving in, I did my best to work with what was already there.  We painted, changed out the mirror, faucet, and lighting.  We did enough to like it, and get by, but not enough to love it.  The pink counter top, and its awkward size made this challenging.

Our plan is to re-use our mirror, lighting, tub/surround, and cabinet over the toilet.  My husband is going to build a top for the old vanity and use it in our garage for storage.

One of the biggest investments would have been a new bathtub and shower.  I prefer a tiled shower over a surround, but keeping what we have kept us on budget.  Our shower and surround are in good shape.  We replaced the caulking, and it looks like new.

The flooring will be replaced.  Bead board Wainscot, baseboard/trim, a vessel sink/base, and a new faucet will be added. 

The design and color palette for our new bathroom is that of a seaside cottage.  I am aiming for a contemporary look with rustic and vintage accents.

..Here is my design board with the different elements that will make up our room..

..left to right, top to bottom..     

  • This is the color intended for the beadboard.  I found a color swatch that matches very close to this.  It is light, fresh, and serene.
  • The floor we chose is a vinyl, snap, plank flooring.  It is 100% waterproof making it great for a bathroom.  We chose vintage Walnut as shown above in the top, right photo.  You can't see the detail, but each plank is hand distressed and very rustic. 
  • Next is the beadboard wainscot we will be using 4' up the bathroom walls.  The bead board will be finished off with a decorative cap/molding and baseboard.  Delicate Mist is the color we plan to paint this.  Above the beadboard, the remaining wall will be painted Pita Bread (creamy white) to match all our trim.  
  • We ordered this vessel sink.  The faucet we purchased is similar to the one in the picture, but is in brushed Nickel.  My husband, Kris will be building the sink base very similar to this one.  The sink and base measure about 40" wide.  It looks larger in person than it does in the photo above.  We plan to paint the base Pita Bread and lightly stain over the top wiping off some as we go.  I am looking for a vintage feel.  With the floors being darker, I think it may be nice to have the base in a lighter finish for more contrast. 
Has anyone tried something like this before?  If so, please let me know what you did, and how you liked the result.  I will try it first on a test board, but some advice would be appreciated.

I have a fun project to try on my mirror using driftwood from the banks of the Red River here in North Dakota.  I am hoping it turns out well.  I will show it to you during the ~reveal.  Gosh, that sounds so formal.

I  am looking for unique art to go in my bathroom.  Maybe black and white?  Or not?Seaside cottage, rustic fence by the ocean, ???  My color palette is soft; light blue, cream, white, and tan, etc.  You guys have great suggestions, help!  I know there are a lot of "beach" signs out there, but I was hoping for something less common, out of the ordinary.  My friend, Katie @ is wonderfully, talented.  She makes beautiful pieces of art.  If you have an extra couple of minutes click on her link above to see some of her pieces she has shared in her posts.

I know that I have some of the *most creative* followers, and will be so glad I asked for your help.  Thank you...           
Please leave feedback by clicking on the leave comment line right below this post.  Comments, suggestions, and feedback are greatly appreciated, and so fun to get too! Thanks for taking the time to help me.  Heather


  1. Would you ever want to try placing sea shells onto a frame for bathroom art? Maybe, that is too literal? Barnwood? Just a couple thoughts I had. I can't wait to see it when it is done. Your bath looks nice now, but I know you can make it a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

  2. Heather - this is so much fun! Watching all our little neighborhood girls and their creative genius blossom as young women. I will enjoy seeing your progress on this project. I made a towel rack by re-cycling an old cedar fence board. It had been painted white, which was worn. I antiqued it with a soft blue/green and used assorted knobs as hooks. It would go well with your new look! Enjoy - I will be checking in to see your progress, love it!

  3. I am anxious to hear about your floor! That will be the perfect choice. Must be a new product? Vinyl with kids, a must!

  4. Wondering how far you have come with your project? Curiosity is killing me because I want to do something along the same line. Great idea painting the wainscot an untraditional color. Can't wait to see!


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