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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Something Old...Something New

My husband and I were married in March, each bringing two different styles of decorating to the table.  I have many style likes...traditional, contemporary, eclectic, etc.  My husband likes antiques.  I have to admit, this is probably something I never really envisioned myself having an appreciation for.  However, I wanted our "new to us" home to be a collaboration of both our tastes.  So, thus became our very old and new dining room.

Years ago, my husband was given a beautiful buffet from his grandparents.  It has been fun incorporating this piece as a focal point in our dining room.  Pier 1 Imports is a favorite store of mine.  I have tried to carry out their eclectic style throughout.  We did receive a large bronze wall mirror from Pier 1 as a house-warming gift from a friend.  This is a nice anchor in the space.  Otherwise, most items are either pieces I have made, or found at garage sales or thrift stores.


Better Homes and Gardens

I love how they used a grouping of six.
I was limited on space, so I chose to do only two.

From Better Homes and Gardens I found a wonderful idea that I have implemented in my dining room.  Shadow boxes showcasing decorative plates.  I chose to use scrap book paper in the back of the boxes to add more color and texture.  There are an unlimited amount of mediums you can use to customize your boxes; wallpaper, news print, fabric, etc.  I did shop Pier 1 for my plates as I was looking for certain colors.  I know if I had just been more patient, I would have found a couple at thrift stores or sales.  I picked up two shadow boxes at Michaels for around $11 each.

I have other projects I can't wait to share with you!  Heather

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