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Sunday, July 10, 2011

.this lil' light of mine.

I have a few blogs that I follow loyally.  They are, in so many ways, such great inspiration.  I have found some of the BEST projects and BEAUTIFUL home decorating ideas.  I look forward to every post.  I am always amazed by the cReAtiViTy.
On the right side of my blog are my fav's, listed in yellow.  Click on them and you will be directly linked to their sites.  They are worth looking at.

My husband and I took a little time out Saturday to check out a local flee market and antique shop.  Remember, antiques are very "new" to me.  I always like looking, but I am not sold on the smells.  Of course, antique finds don't smell fresh.  I got over it.  I had fun.

From  I found a project I was on a mission to try.  Showing my husband the inspirational pictures, he had an idea of what I was looking for before we went shopping.  Here is my inspiration.  
I looked, but couldn't find a lamp frame.  So, I decided to try something untraditonal, a bird cage.  I found a white, rod-iron cage for $24, and purchased the light kit at Menard's for about $6.
My family room is primarily black, white, taupe, and grass green.  I used fabric remnants in those colors that I had from other projects.
Start by cutting your fabric strips.  I chose to cut mine about 2" x 14".  I found it easier to cut them long and later trim the extra.  Knot to the frame being sure to keep pressure and your fabric facing right side out.  Please ask in my comment box if you have any questions.  I will be happy to answer them.  The pictures are the best examples.

..i hope you leave today with one more idea than you came.. heather


  1. You are too creative. You never cease to amaze me.


  2. Such fun ideas! Glad you shared! I meant to leave a comment the other day, but on my phone it's not the most convenient ;-)


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