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Saturday, July 16, 2011

.as simple as black and white.


When we purchased our home about a year ago, there was one room that stood out and became our deciding factor.  Ok, maybe the five bedrooms helped a little too.  Really, this family room was just what we were hoping for.  We anticipated it being the "catch all" for our family, and it is.
Our family room has vaulted ceilings so the height of this room is nice to work with.  I have used the space to the max and filled the walls.  My longest wall, displays all of our black and white photos.  I have many sizes of frames, all black, but different.  Some have white mats, some are plain.

My husband has five antique cameras that we included among the pictures on the wall.  I purchased two black, floating shelves from Target to display them. 

I recently decided to take it even further.  We had a left-over board, stained and distressed from a previous project.  I needed to fill the empty space over our patio doors.  So, I re-used the board and now have more space to display my black and white pictures.  Last week, I picked up two white frames at a garage sale.  I am coloring outside the lines and using these on my shelf.   


I found some wonderful ideas I wanted to share.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  These ideas can be used on mantle's, shelves, cupboards...

 This beautiful ensemble came from the dining room of 

I think this is genius.  Globes and old suitcases, so neat.  I wish I had room above my cupboards.  Thanks again to

Mantle display 

Here are Lisa's before/after pictures for her book covers shown above.

My "after" shelf collaboration.

I found a wooden pair of candlesticks in our garage that I painted white and sanded.  I used my garage sale frames,  a canning jar (from my cupboard) with branches, covered a few books with scrapbook paper, my husband's old camera and baby shoes, and a blue jar from a friend.  I spent about $12 on three shelf brackets, $4 on picture frames, and $6 for my blue jar.  In total, it cost $22 for my little collection including my recycled shelf.   
Another family room project is in the "works".  I can't wait to show you!  If all goes as planned I hope to finish it this weekend and post pictures soon.
"If you use other's ideas,  give proper credit, and add your own personal touch it is a compliment to that individual".  It's .as simple as black and white.  Thanks for coming to visit.  Heather 

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