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Friday, August 5, 2011

.rustic. cottage charm

I have been wanting to show you our fireplace for a while.  It has been my decorating challenge.  I enjoy coming up with different ideas, but for the longest time I have been stumped.
I wish I had a "before" photograph of our fireplace to show you, but I wouldn't have dreamt then that I would be having so much fun writing a blog and sharing our home with others.   

Our fireplace takes up about 3/4 of a wall in our family room.  The room has a vaulted ceiling so the fireplace is large, floor to beams.  When we purchased our home, the top 3/4 of the family room walls were painted a rust red and the bottom was covered in wainscoting, painted Pita Bread (creamy white).  All of our trim, cabinets, and wainscoting are all painted the same.  We left them alone, other than necessary touch-ups.  Even with the light colored trim and wainscoting the room looked dark.  I chose to paint it a neutral, taupe color (same as the kitchen, and still has no name).  The taupe looks nice with the wainscoting and trim.  The room has dark, wood, ceiling beams to play off of.  The wood beams and Slate stone were my inspiration for all the natural, rustic texture.
I like the look of things that suggest age and give you that feeling of simple, cottage charm.  I spray-painted a couple branches from the back yard white, and arranged them with pussy willows, into a creamer can.  My lanterns too, are a collection that fulfills the rustic, cottage charm I was looking for. 
Natural Slate Stone
  As neutral as my palette of textures are, I still needed a "pop" of color to be satisfied. The Aqua accents and my green door do just that for me.

Coffee Beans
Hopefully, I was able to capture our rustic aesthetic in the photographs I am sharing with you.  All of these textural elements combined, create our look.   
Distressed Pine
Through trial and error, our fireplace wall has finally taken on the character I was hoping it to have. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend... See you next week.  heather


  1. Couldn't be more beautiful!!!! Love it all!

  2. I sent the link of your blog to all my decorating friends. We are in love, thanks!


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