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Saturday, August 13, 2011

.this and that.

This is what I call a low-fat post.
I promise it to be ~ not too long, not too heavy, or not too informational. 
It will be .light. 

I kept myself busy last weekend with a couple easy, little projects.
For starters, our front door needed a "pick me up".  It is just your basic door with three diagonal windows.  Our door is not fancy, just simple.  Yet, there is nothing wrong with it either.  I can't justify replacing it.  Here is the before picture of our door.     

The door was originally painted Pita Bread (same color as all of our trim).  I decided to paint just the interior side of the door.  I still want the Pita Bread color to show in the dining room when the door is closed.  I primed, then painted the interior side of the door Knight's Armor, a nice dark gray.  The brushed Nickel door knob and knocker finished it off. 
The next thing on my agenda was to sew an outdoor flag.  For the life of me, I can't remember where I got this idea???  I saw it done somewhere and loved it.  I always like to post the original inspiration pics for my projects.  It is neat to compare and see the differences.  The fun part is, no two are ever alike. 

The inspirational flag that I saw had a monogrammed initial stenciled on it rather than house numbers.  A little sewing is needed, but not much.  I am going to try to give an overview without getting too detailed or wordy.  Please ask any questions or leave comments in the Post a Comment section at the bottom of the page and I will answer any questions you may have there.  Sew your basic flag.  Cut 3 strips of fabric about 3" wide for ruffles.  Using the largest stitch on your sewing machine, sew down the middle of each strip.  Do not back stitch.  Pull the back thread (bobbin thread) to gather fabric.  You can use your machine to sew on the ruffles, but I used my hot glue gun.  Next, I ironed on numbers, and hot glued on a flower.  

I decided to add curtains to my existing valance in the kitchen.  I found some extra fabric I had tucked away.  It has given my window a coffee shop look.  Hmmm...maybe I made that up, but it looks much more cozy now.  Isn't it interesting how something so minor can make such a difference?

I have saved the best for last.  My friend, Leigh took the circle/hoop idea from a previous post of mine, and made it her own.  It couldn't have turned out better!  Thank you, Leigh for emailing me your pictures. 
Leigh's Circles

I would LOVE to see your projects also.  Don't hesitate to send me your pics/ideas.  I would be thrilled to see all of them, and if allowed, share them too.  Please email me at 

Have a hApPy weekend!  heather

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