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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Every Wall has a Story

A first glimpse of the wall... 

The prep work was time consuming, but the install went very smooth.  We were fortunate to read a blog post prior to the installation that had a lot of helpful hints.  Thank you, Just a Girl Blog your timing couldn't have been more perfect.  They installed a wall out of wood pallets in their boy's bedroom.  It turned out amazing! 

Every wall that I have seen looks different, so neat.  Whether it be pallet wood or barn wood the concept is about the same. 

I am going to share an overview of our application, but if you are looking for more detail please check out the link above.

  • Our kitchen wall was already painted a neutral, khaki brown.  It is necessary to start out with a base wall color that will blend and help conceal imperfections.
  • Reminder... we are using old, reclaimed barn wood.  Each piece is different in width, thickness, and quality.  My husband and I decided to cut down all our pieces of wood to the same height of 3 inches.  Originally, some boards were 12" wide, some 5", etc.  Cutting them down to the same height eliminated the need to "puzzle piece" boards in.  We had different lengths to work with, but width-wise they were the same.

  • My husband added an outlet extender to the plug in, as shown.  If an extender is not added the outlet would be recessed due to the thickness of the boards.  It is personal preference, but considering ours' is a main wall he chose to change it out.  I appreciated his extra work.  It really finished it off nicely.

  • We located the studs in the wall, and drew pencil lines vertically.
  • We started installing at the ceiling and worked our way down.  This is to prevent a "squished" look up at the top {plain view}.  Rather, any boards "cut to fit" would be hidden at the bottom.

  • My husband and I decided to leave our Pita {creamy white} colored baseboards on and work down to them.  All our base and trim throughout the house is this consistent color.

  • I chose to take an eclectic approach with the boards.  I left some natural, stained some in varied shades, and even white-washed some.  White-washing implemented the light trim, and gave the wall a little modern edge.  
  • I love all the imperfections.  The old nail holes, color variations, and distressed wood are so reminiscent of the barn it came from. 

This wall has added so much warmth by color and story.  It has been a family project all the way. 
We are very proud of it. 

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