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Friday, November 18, 2011

A perfect nursery for "Mr. Baby"

       Baby Heiser's Room!

Welcome to Mr. Baby's (my temporary name for him) little space.
Enjoy my picture tour~

I used a 6 ft. piece of barn wood along with some wooden letters and numbers of different sizes and fonts.  I painted them in colors complimenting the nursery, and sanded to give them that rustic look.  This just may be my favorite piece in the room.?.  Above the closet was the perfect spot.
The crib bedding is primarily browns and greens, your traditional woodland colors.
We decided a rust orange would be a unique choice for the accent wall.

It isn't your "typical" nursery color, and I like that.

The picture below shows the barn wood frame my husband made.  He attached chicken wire to the back so it could be used to hold pictures, etc.  I stained the boards in varying shades to tie in the different wood tones in the room.
Lo-Ove this rug!

I cut out a couple animal silhouettes to use until we have "real" Mr. Baby pics. 
I picked up these tiny clothespins at Michaels.

Baby's room is little.

A perfect size for a nursery.

It was hard to take pictures that show his room as a whole.
I am sure you can see how all the pictures fit together.

This dresser was given to Holly and Chris.  It had a couple scratches, so I de-stressed it a bit more by sanding the edges.  They had many things around their home we re-used in baby's room.  The rug (shown in a photo above) for one, is perfect.  The lamp (as shown in this photo) fit right in, too.  I enjoy re-purposing items.  It is always my goal to design a charming, unique room without "breaking the bank".  We all worked very hard on this room and now just need the lil' baby.  January will be here very soon!  Thanks for sharing this with us ~ Heather

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  1. Heather that's such a fun nursery design! I love the colors & all the fun pieces you made for the walls. If I ever get around to decorating Magnus' & Marit's room I'll definitely be asking for help from you. :) I'd love to do a cowboy/cowgirl theme since they share.


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